The HIPAA Integrity Safeguard Compliance Tool Package is affordable, written in plain language, updatable, and immediately downloadable upon payment fulfillment.  The Package is designed to get your covered entity or business associate organization on the path to compliance in a timely manner, especially following the March 21, 2016, Office for Civil Rights (OCR) announcement that its long awaited HIPAA Compliance Audit Program was underway.  Here are the components of the HIPAA Integrity Safeguard Compliance Tool Package:


· Risk Analysis Template that facilitates through its easy-to-follow tabular format identification and compilation of your business information for conducting risk analysis

requirements of the HIPAA Security Rule and Meaningful Use Security Measure for Stages 1, 2, and 3.


· Policies and Procedures in generic written form for 133 HIPAA/HITECH Act privacy, security, and breach notification standards and implementation specifications that can readily be tailored to your business based on your organization’s risk analysis findings.


· Maintenance and Authorization Forms required for 40 documenting actions, activities, and assessments for certain safeguard procedures.


· Safeguard Training Curriculum in six lessons for administration to workforce members by Privacy and Security Officials to measure through included test questions

workforce “awareness and understanding” of safeguard policies and procedures.


Each of these components is linked through the HIPAA Integrity proprietary coding scheme that provides navigation across the safeguard privacy, security, and breach notification policies and procedures and cross-references within them.   In addition, HIPAA Integrity includes implementation guidance, OCR audit protocols, and authoritative references.  Finally, after purchase and download, HIPAA Integrity can be accessed through an app on smart technology devices. Get on the path to safeguard compliance today with HIPAA Integrity for $499 for the initial year membership and, at the purchaser’s option, $99 annually thereafter for updates and version changes.